What’s Cultivating Clarity?

This little corner of the internet is a friendly place where we learn to practice the spiritual (and practical!) art of discernment.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed or uncertain when you haven’t discerned how to live your God-given life. It’s easy to feel trapped by previous decisions when you don’t know how to make better ones in the future. It’s easy to wake up one day and wonder what you’re doing with your life when you haven’t been making intentional choices along the way.

If you’re exhausted from living in survival mode, tired of functioning on auto-pilot, and frustrated by expert advice that just doesn’t work for you, you’re in the right place.

Let’s cut through the chaos and noise so you can learn to discern with clarity.

Hi, I’m Kerri.

I began this work because I talked to so many people in different walks of life – students, moms, professionals, empty-nesters – who were all struggling with the same question: “what am I doing with my life?!”

(I wrestled with the same question.)

Juggling the demands of life with the desires of the heart is no easy task.

Learning to listen to God in a world of constant noise is tough.

Sorting out what works for you and not for Sue (your mother-in-law, the Instagram influencer, that lady in the cereal aisle judging your grocery cart) takes courage. 

I’m here to help. 

I’ve spent the last 5 years working 1:1 with clients who want to learn to discern, find freedom, and live with purpose and peace. I love that work, and if you think 1:1 might be a good fit for you, please get in touch.

Other facts about me: I’m an American expat living in the UK with my (British) husband, which accounts for my cross-cultural spelling; I lived in Italy for 2 years which ruined all other coffee for me, for life; I hate loud parties, love hosting small ones, and enjoy all things coastal.

And if you want to know even more about me, including my 4 (yes, I really like libraries,) degrees in theology, head right this way.

If you want more general support and encouragement as you cultivate clarity in your own life, consider becoming a paid subscriber.

Join the Cultivating Clarity Neighbourhood

I write and speak a lot about discernment: what it is, how often it’s misunderstood, who benefits from learning it, and how we can all develop this spiritual and practical art in our daily lives.

Many of my readers and listeners have expressed a desire to go deeper, but aren’t in a place in life where they can dedicate time to 1:1 sessions.

Enter: Cultivating Clarity, a paid newsletter and “online neighbourhood” for people who want to learn & grow in the practice of discernment, live an intentional life, and pursue purpose and peace in a calm and manageable way. (We are not into shouting or instructing people on the only right way to organize their spice cabinets around here.)

If you’re interested in learning to (prayerfully) discern the unique God-given life that only you can live, in a pressure-free way, why not join?

How Does it Work?

(For Everyone)

All subscribers get a free monthly email exploring the spiritual art and practice of discernment, as well as access to “Outside the Box,” a series of interviews with people who have chosen to live differently, intentionally. When you subscribe, you’ll also get my free workshop, “Journaling for Discernment,” that comes with audio and a worksheet.

(For Paid Subscribers)

In addition, paid subscribers receive weekly emails - a mix of essays, (prayer) journal prompts, and practical exercises, as well as audio content.

I’ll also offer quarterly “Office Hours” Q&A sessions, where you can send in your questions and I’ll record answers. All of this will be in the archives, fully available to paid subscribers.

If you’re looking for a neighbourhood of friendly, intentional-living minded folk, becoming a paid subscriber might be a good fit for you, as you’ll be able to join in the comments and chats (and hopefully meet online friends who want to become offline ones.)

In short, becoming a paid subscriber gives you access to a lot of the work I do with my 1:1 clients, at a fraction of the investment. You can do things on your own time and from the comfort of your own cozy chair.

(For Founding Members)

If you’re really keen to support my work, I’d be honored if you’d consider becoming a Founding Member. To thank you, I’ll be offering bi-monthly live zoom calls to discuss anything discernment-related that’s on your mind.

And if you’re not sure about any of this, why not visit my blog to see if this space is a good fit for you? Readers have especially loved these posts:

How does the Substack part work?

I’m about the farthest thing from tech-savvy you’ll find, which is why I’m using Substack, as they deal with all the tech bits! It’s also nice because you get to choose how you want receive resources.

When you become a paid subscriber to Cultivating Clarity, you’ll get all the emails (including ones with audio) right in your inbox. You’ll also get access to the full archives (which means you can delete emails with abandon and still find them later on the website.)

Free subscribers get a monthly email.

If you want to get the Substack app, you can choose to read in the app, or email, or both. You can also comment on posts and join in chats. (And if anonymity is important to you, you can do it with just a nickname.)

Why Not Try?

Trying something out is a crucial part of any discernment of any kind.

Maybe you’re new to discerning your life (because you thought it was only about that big old Vocation question), or maybe you’ve been trying to live intentionally and improve your decision-making for a while. Either way, why not see if Cultivating Clarity can help?

You can join for a month at a time, or a commit to trying it for a year. At £8/ month or £80/ year, it’s a very accessible and low-risk way to step into this world of practicing discernment and living intentionally.

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